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Dundeal Entertainment and how it all started the first 10 Years


Dundeal Entertainment and how it all started the first 10 Years

Dundeal Entertainment – How it all started the first ten years vol 1.
Macc Dundee: I was out in Detroit recording my first album Southwest Connect or it’s original title “Southwest Connection”. A far off chance that I would get signed to Koch Records.  They did sign me and get my music to crowds of people I never thought possible. It was a hustle to say for sure. I met a lot of good people out there and we talk to this day.
  • Detroit to Seattle
  • Albums released

Macc Dundee: It became a different world growing up. I knew I had to move back to Seattle. It was my home. I knew that if I tried moving anywhere else it wouldn’t work.  Plus I had family there.

After leaving Koch Records Macc Dundee started Dundeal Entertainment with $800.

Macc Dundee: The Koch deal wasn’t going as good as I hoped. It wasn’t great. They wanted to control all aspects of my personality.  I understand you got connections but changing who am I to sell more records didn’t make sense to me.

Macc Dundee: My first song was “So Hard” and it was from the heart. You know, it’s hard for artists to really express a place and time. A feeling that everyone feels.

  • Koch, Yukmouth, Filming Videos
  • Chef Dee – Expanding Dundeal Entertainment beyond Music
Macc Dundee: I had some good success early on. It was inspiring to know people were connecting to my music.
Macc Dundee: I knew the northwest would be the place to take my newly founded company Dundeal Entertainment. The Seattle area had some of the most known big brand companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, and now Dundeal Entertainment.
Yukmouth was down to collaborate on the track “R.G.L.D.G.B.” and so we went to Las Vegas to film the music video. The music video was directed and edited by myself. I guess you could say I wanted to learn the craft.
Filming Yukmouth in Las Vegas
  • Chef Dee
  • 4 Headz Only

Macc Dundee: The town had a lot of talent. No where near what Detroit had however it was good. Ebony Davis from our days growing up in the church could sing. She had great vocals and was easy to work with.

Macc Dundee: One day I was having a few drinks with my younger brother J-Shep.  He started singing a song I don’t remember what it was. All I knew was he could sing!
  • J-Shep was added on roster
  • A-Train Gang

Macc Dundee: You don’t see much pure and raw talent on the mic anymore. When I first heard the Went Solo Finally Buster Free album… It was something special.

Macc Dundee: I edited Town Bizzness Vol 1 but forgot or just was getting tired of editing video. I left an hour of black at the end of my first DVD. Not the most detailed.
  • It was work

Macc Dundee: All this video and how am I gonna edit it? I tried a few different editors. Just would argue with me and didn’t see my vision. I kept falling out with cameramen. My brother J-Shep was getting ready to open for Genuine.

Macc Dundee: Out of Nowhere I get an email from iCizzle.  I think he was somewhere in the San Juan islands. He had a beard. I think he built a log cabin from a lego instruction manual.

iCizzle: It was time to get to work. I grew up on hip hop and rap. I always loved the culture. The hard drive he handed me was full of footage from all over the states. I said let’s give the fans some extra music videos.
Town Bizzness 2 was ready.  It shows the 112 show weekend Dundeal party bus. Showcases J-Shep as an artist. We show how Macc Dundee Bought a party bus.
Macc Dundee: The Dundeal roster started with 1 and now has over 47 artists to date. It became more about family than music. We all came together and created something special.
Apps had become increasingly popular. I didn’t have one. I needed one to display what Dundeal Entertainment can do for people. After months of building we completed it for android phones.
Macc Dundee: Exotic Video Access was born. I had a love for nice cars mostly Bentley’s and Benz. It’s a company that helps artists look good for their music videos. We really make sure that the cars add value to the artists video.

What’s next?

CEO of Dundeal Entertainment Macc Dundee

Macc Dundee: Robotics is the way of the future. We’re in a top secret project simply titled “Dundeal Ent Robot” right now. More details to follow in the coming years. 

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