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“Get It Right” Macc Dundee Puts Longevity Over Gimmicks

It was a lyrics-versus-gimmicks discussion on a recent episode of The Punch, which made it the perfect week for MC/actor Macc Dundee to come through and add some insight and passion to the debate.
Many people will know Dundee from his infamous role as Tyrone on the viral hit Hatersville, but when he’s not on screen or stage the Seattle native is in the booth and on his latest Subliminal Mind Music project he offers up exactly what the title promises. As for the social media antics, face tattoos and Skittles-colored hair, Dundee has no shade to throw but says it’s not conducive to his ultimate objective: longevity.

“I’m a rapper from late 2000’s. I’ve been doing this pretty much all my life so that’s what I know. I know real talent and real art,” Dundee told the The Punch crew. “I’m an actor too so if there were a bunch of actors and they were all Paris Hilton and Snookie types, you still got the Jennifer Lawrences. That’s what’s gonna last. All the hair and [face tattoos and Instagram antics] that’s for right now. That’s gonna disappear. I wanna create art that 20 years from now you can still listen to like ‘Ain’t Nothin Better’ because it’s stories, it’s concepts. That’s why Shakespeare is still relevant to this day because you still relate to his stories. I don’t want to do something that’s a fad for right now. I wanna have longevity.”

Everyone who goes to Los Angeles to make it in show business has their own story but Dundee’s is the kind they make movies about. It also embodies the hustler’s spirit that is in any real artist’s DNA.

“[It was] 2009, as soon as I left college I got hired to go to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival to understudy Othello, to be in Othello and to be in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and the complete works of William Shakespeare,” Dundee remembered.

Peep the full interview on the Northwest Mecca Radio.

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