Macc Dundee donates over 100 turkeys to the homeless

Over 100 Turkeys have been donated from Macc Dundee this Thanksgiving season

The homeless have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving thanks to Macc Dundee. “He just had 25 Turkeys delivered to the homeless shelter. It was truly amazing!” one source told us. “He (Macc Dundee) seems like such a good human.” another source tells gossip pimp.

This isn’t the first time Dundee has given back. Last Thanksgiving he gave a struggling family a mercedes-benz. The Christmas before he gave a house to a homeless family. “The man just doesn’t stop giving!” A witness who watched as Dundee gave keys to a brand new home to a homeless family.

Dundee just released a new music video for his song “Ain’t Nothin Better” with J. Scott. You can watch it here and share it to all the social media networks. For one thing we love Macc Dundee and his contributions.

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