Macc Dundee raps retires with “Motivation”

I take a trip to Dundeal Studios on a rainy Wednesday in Seattle Washington. Cameras are not allowed however I can write and tell you about it. however again, I still brought a micro camera in. “I’m here to see Macc Dundee.” I tell the man at the gate looking my Honda Accord over. “Hello Gossip Pimp.com we’ve been expecting you.”

Second Gate after security lets me pass

Security is tight right now with the release of Macc Dundee’s 4th album titled “Motivation”. The album is a work of art. Maybe the best album from Hip Hop I’ve ever heard. Hip Hop albums have always remained a favorite of mine. Finding a good album in this era from start to finish with no skippers. Hard to find. I wanted to know more about the man behind the music. The Macc is back.


Macc Dundees gated mansion club house for his guests

Macc greets me after my long journey from the gate to the front door opening it and it being Amber Rose smiling at me. The outside is gated. Perfect scenery with water fountains and flowing waters into pools. A basket ball court with seating for fans to come and pay to watch.


Amber Rose celebrating her birthday at Dundeal Studios

Gossip Pimp
There is rumors in the air that Macc Dundee is retiring and this is his last album. Why retire now?


The kids are alright with Macc Dundee bringing clean water to africa

Macc Dundee
African Children need help. Installing clean water units for safe filtered water. Keeping up standards is a must and if we can keep people hydrated we can change the world. Macc told a close friends some weeks ago. Nutrition is key to a child’s development.


Macc Dundee brings clean water to African children.

Macc continued to tell gossip pimp how we can save the african child. He stops and pauses. “Let’s go for a walk” he continued “We can answer some of your questions along the way”.

We walk over to his basketball court and play. Macc Beats me in under 2 minutes with a score of 74 – 2. He was shooting half court over the shoulder, dunking on me, and his ally op game was unreal. That’s game over for me. It was not pretty at all.


The game Macc Dundee always plays and wins. His private court at his mansion in Seattle, Washington.

Gossip Pimp
Have you always been good at sports?

Macc Dundee
Yeah, It was always a competition between me and my brothers growing up.


The first collab between Macc Dundee and J-Shep.

One of his brothers is R and B singer song writer J-Shep. The two have collaboration seven times in the last few years. the new song is “Fly 4 Ever” in which Dundee and J-Shep both wrote. Dundeal Entertainment is Dundee’s label that he has yet to sign many artists.


The next single of Motivation with his brother J-Shep. This is Macc Dundees last album.

Macc Dundee
It’s all about quality control. Everyone wants to make a million dollars and sell out areas. They just don’t always set up and perform well. I hear a lot of artists tell me they are the next big thing in rap. Only problem is they don’t even have music online.

Macc hands me a cold beer and we sip and talk some more about the new album and who is on it. he tells me all hitters from the northwest. Of course Yukmouth is from the Oakland area. Seattle artists A-Train Gang, Mista Mutt, Sticking Biz, B.I. The G, Phantasy Reighn, Kemo, Young Flames and some secret artists to be announced on a remix album.

Gossip Pimp
What can we expect form you in the coming year?

Macc Dundee
Solving world problems on a grand scale is key. Africa will be a better place for the kids.


The African children are giving a thumbs up for Macc Dundees effort to bring clean drinking water to Africa.
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