Macc Dundee Reportedly Suing Woman For Fraud & Defamation - Renes Steppin Out On Faith

Macc Dundee Reportedly Suing Woman For Fraud & Defamation

After an old video of Macc Dundee appearing to hit a woman emerged online last month, the alleged victim in the clip said she waited so long to speak out because she was “terrified” for her life.

Now, the “Like Me” rapper is suing the woman for fraud and defamation, according to TMZ. In a new lawsuit, Dundee claims the woman is lying about her initial statement and trying to extort him for $400,000.

Dundee’s manager allegedly reached out to the woman shortly after she posted the video but her grandparents called back to ask what Dundee would do to “make everything good.”

The woman’s grandparents reportedly said Dundee threw a hot dog at the woman’s face prior to the slap seen in the clip.

Despite his polarizing public persona, Dundee’s music continues to do well. His most recent project, Subliminal Mind Music, debuted at #1 on the Northwest Mecca Radios Chart, marking his first chart-topping album.


Gossip Pimp reached out to Dundee’s team but didn’t hear immediately hear back.

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